Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master made it’s debut on the Atari ST home computer in 1987. Published by FTL Games it reportedly sold over 40,000 copies in the first year! It is also the prototype of the 3D dungeon crawlers.


A friend of mine had a Atari 520ST and invited me to his house about 1-3 times a month for all-night dungeon crawling fun! Sometimes the puzzles would take quite awhile to figure out. Other times, when we were quite tired, a random monster would suddenly pop up and scare us half to death! Along the way you collected treasure, weapons, clothing, food, water bottles and tools to aid you along the journey. You also learned new spells that you would have to write down. You could change the order of your party so that the weakest was in the back or change it up for a certain puzzle. To create even MORE tension, the computer would randomly access the diskette drive, which would make you think that it was loading up more monsters around the next corner! Rumor has it that this was intentional by the designers. To this day, whenever I hear a disk drive “whir”, I wonder what’s coming next!


Christmas of 1988 I received (from my good friend, David) a Atari 1020ST for Christmas. Needless to say, I was shocked and perplexed as to why he would give me such a expensive gift. His answer was simple, “You are my friend and I knew you would not be able to get this any time soon. Plus, you need to play this game, at home, as well!” Atari_1040STf

What was your favorite video game from the 80’s?

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