Where Do I Go From Here?

Obviously, I am very new to blogging. In fact, I’m still not sure WHERE to begin. The last couple of posts look more like a C grade high school homework project!

There are so many topics to choose from that happened in the 80’s.

But, what stands out?


I would have to say, as a teenager, watching music videos was probably my favorite pastime. It wasn’t just the music that I was hooked on. Oh no, no! It was the originality of so many videos. Like, mini-movies!

The hosts were awesome, as well! Interesting facts about the artists and great interviews that kept us thirsting for more!

One of my favorite music videos is still USA For Africa – We Are The World. At the time, the idea of getting so many artists together for a single video, in one room was difficult to imagine. However, the plight of those starving in Africa was enough to bring a lot of people together.

I remember going down to the local record store, to pick up the special 45 (rpm), and it was SOLD OUT! Fortunately another shipment was headed in the next morning – I practically camped outside their door! I do not know how many times I played that record. It probably wore out, for all I know!

I’ll be sharing more music videos as things come to mind.

Meanwhile, what was your favorite?

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