Voltron / Voltron

Yes. VOLTRON. Defender of the Universe!

We are all familiar with Lion Force Voltron featuring 5 mechanical robot lions, with the team of 5 pilots that worked together, which would combine to form the Voltron warrior.

Did you know that there is ANOTHER Voltron?

Vehicle Team Voltron was my first introduction into the warrior robot universe. Three teams of five, Land, Sea and Air, for a total of 15, combined to form the mighty Voltron. However, this team could only assemble for 5 minutes! That’s all the stored energy each vehicle had to maintain Vehicle Team Voltron.

Both series are a lot of fun. I remember running home from school, abandoning my friends, just to watch this series. Friends?! Who need friends when you have Voltron defending the Universe!

Yes, I have seen a few episodes of the new Voltron series on Netflix. But, it just doesn’t have the same feel as it did in the 80s.

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