Popping Pills & Eating Ghosts

I could not tell you how many quarters I plugged into Pac-Man – I had the fever!

I remember when the restaurant/pub, next door, had Pac-Man installed. I’m not sure how many people went in there for the food OR the game. But, the place was always packed on the weekends. Especially over where that single arcade game sat! The had a couple of pool tables – that collected dust for a couple of years!

Early on, Pac-Man was my favorite arced Game. I memorized the pattern for, I think, the first 6 -8 levels. Beyond that, the game was just too fast for me. A couple of my friends went on to higher levels, and simply amazed me by their quick reflexes. After a couple of years, the nostalgia wore off and newer games took it’s place.

But, you just couldn’t get away from it: Pac-Man cereal, a Saturday Morning cartoon, commercials and branding on almost everything.

The only place I know of that still has the original Pac-Man arcade is FUNSPOT located in Laconia, NH. I try to stop in there about once a year and I cannot walk by it without popping in a token and flashing back to my childhood neighborhood!


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