No Whammy!

In 1983 a new game show appeared with a Whammy: Press Your Luck

Contestants answered trivia question to collect spins for cash and prizes in the first round. In the second round pictures of the prizes would randomly turn on and off as a highlighted frame would move around the board. The goal was to hit the button as the frame landed on the prize the contestant wanted. There was also a picture of a Whammy (a little red character) that, when the contestant landed on it, would take away all remaining spins ending the contestants turn. The contestants could also pass their turns to the next player if they reach a certain monetary level and were nervous about loosing it all.

The Whammy was a little red, animated character that appeared at the bottom of the TV screen and, through various acts of thievery, would take all the contestants winnings. I believe there were over 80 different animations. Most of the time the Whammy got itself blown up in the process.

I remember watching this during my Summer breaks. I think my favorite part was the trivia. The host, Peter Tomarkin, was great and he seemed like he was haveing a great time.


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